maandag 27 juli 2015

Life @ Stanford (final)

Ok ok, this final Life @ Stanford blog will be in English by popular request so that everyone can read it! Our time left in California is passing by slowly but steadily, only one week left to go! We will not leave the continent any time soon as we'll finish this adventure off with a west-to-east roadtrip through Canada. Either way, it feels like the end of an era somehow...

I know I've been pretty critical about things on this blog so this one will just be about things I'll miss from Stanford and California. Twenty random things, in random order!

1. The huge free cookies, pizza lunches, and burrito dinners at Stanford

2. This view from your office window in this building

3. Walking over this quad to get yourself some well-deserved coffee

4. Enjoying campus sports

5. All the great researchers that come to visit

6. These amazing views that make you feel so small...

7. Hiking (or scrambling) through all types of territory

8. Finding out about weird startups

9. Being amazed about some aspects of American culture

10. Just enjoying our favorite hangout on Friday evenings

11. Discovering new foods (no not just American!)

12. These sunsets at the bay after enjoying yet another full day of sun

13. Living amidst companies that are changing the world, whether you like it or not

14. Learning from how others find ways to manage their busy schedule

15. Oh yeah, and doing some research in the meantime

16. The abundance of food: huge BBQs and doggy bags

17. Being able to have pancakes on a sunny terrace in January, or BBQs in December

18. Making your own food

19. Noticing you're actually more Dutch than you want to believe

20. Learning how to deal with a persistent drought (ok this last one is sarcastic, let me have one! ;))

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